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The rising tide of retailing via the internet is generating new challenges for effective order processing and distribution across borders. If you are an eCommerce company in need of a tailor-made logistics solution giving you a competitive edge in the market place, you will be interested in our specialized eCommerce services.

Stationary, gift items, books, fragrances, electronics – there are no limits to the goods traded via Internet today and the volume is growing steadily. We can arrange a seamlessly integrated IT-platform to process the order data from your customers and enabling us to create consignments, which are the basis for picking, packing and barcode labeling.

You may use your own designated warehouse facilities; we might as well provide you with access to a neutral eCommerce warehouse. The choice is yours.

All through the chain from order generation to physical delivery, you and your customers will be able to view the order status in real time. The definition of the various order statuses can be customized to your individual needs

Benefitting from our traditional strength as international freight forwarder in dealing with carriers and customs, AAS Logistics can process your consignments in a cost-effective and reliable transportation chain.

We will pick up the consignments from the warehouse in high frequency, bring them to the next port or airport, generate suitable transport documents to facilitate customs clearance both at the origin country and the destination country, and move the consolidated consignments to designated hubs closest to your end customers.

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